Copier Lease New York

Copier Lease New York

In every company or office, some equipment is indispensable for the good performance of daily operations. One of them is the photocopier. However, acquiring one of these devices represents a significant investment that not all companies can assume.

If you need a copier in your business, but you do not have the resources, or your volume of reproductions does not justify the expense, the wisest thing is to opt for a copier lease. You must know what it consists of, and what you must consider achieving a satisfactory lease.

What is a Copier Lease?

This is a lease in which businesses can enjoy a copier for a monthly rental amount. For many businesses, owning a photocopier can be a financial burden. In addition to the cost of supplies and maintenance, the initial costs of this equipment can represent an unsustainable financial expense, driving the business below the limits of profitability.

On the other hand, by making the leasing contract, you will be able to enjoy the equipment in your business, without compromising your finances. The money you do not invest in this equipment will be available for the various business opportunities that may arise.

Is the Copier Lease Profitable?

It depends. From an investment point of view, renting the equipment is significantly less expensive than investing in a new copier. Besides, it must be taken into account that every year the equipment is depreciated, and if it were yours, that depreciation is your company's responsibility.

The aspects were to make leasing of photocopiers may not be so favorable to you, depend on the type of equipment. If the equipment is very old, it may have a significant energy expense, and that would make leasing unprofitable.

Also, old equipment will have a much higher frequency of repair and maintenance, and if in the contract these costs are at your expense, it is not favorable to do the lease. That's why when selecting your equipment, make sure it's as current as possible. If you wish to make an extraordinary copier lease in New York contact us; at Legend Business Group we will be happy to assist you.

What Should You Be Aware of When You Make the Copier Lease?

First, consider the paper size that is most common for your copies. A4 is the most common. You may need to make some copies in A3, but keep in mind that generally leasing an A3 copier can triple the cost of a standard one.

Another thing to consider is whether you need a color copier or just a black and white one. Like size, consider whether the number of color copies your business requires justifies the expense (keep in mind that color copiers also spend more on supplies).

Finally, consider the type of leasing you're going to do. Some companies rent the equipment with a counter, and you pay monthly for a set number of prints, and a separate cost for each additional copy. Another modality is that you rent the equipment by time, that is to say, by month without limit of impressions.

Trust the Best

If you want to enjoy the most extraordinary copier lease in New York, at Legend Business Group we have the best deals for you. It's time to have everything you need for your operations, without decapitalizing yourself, and with the support of the leading company in office equipment leasing. Contact us.

Copier Lease New York
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Copier Lease New York
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