Antique Art Appraiser Phoenix

Antique Art Appraiser Phoenix Before you purchase large investments like fine art and other collectibles, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of an antique art appraiser in Phoenix. Morton Appraisals, headed by Sean Morton, provides appraisals and advice from individuals to companies and public institutions. He is also a member of the Antique Appraisal Association of America. Visit our website for more information.

Did you know that you can have your old items professionally appraised over the internet? An antique art appraiser in Phoenix can estimate the value of an item by email. Online antique appraisals are particularly useful if you are unsure about an object and are unwilling to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a personal appraisal because it might turn out to be fake or worthless. Of course, if the item turns out to be valuable, the appraiser might need to see it in person.
If you want to take advantage of online evaluations, here are some tips to follow:
Take very clear pictures of the object. Use the highest resolution settings and save the image at the highest possible file size.
Opt for a neutral and solid background using natural light. Turn off the flash. Make sure the entire item is in the photo and that no sides are cropped.
Do not use Polaroids.
Provide necessary information such as condition and size of the item as well as its historical significance. It also helps if you include where you got the item and how much it was (if it was purchased).
Talk to a certified and licensed antique art appraiser in Phoenix here at Morton Appraisals. We provide online evaluations as well as appraisals and consulting and even national auction representation. If you have any inquiries for Morton Appraisals, call us at 480 – 326 – 6885.
Antique Art Appraiser Phoenix

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