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Squirrel removal west Los Angeles

Squirrel removal west Los Angeles

There’s no doubt squirrels look cute, but they can be an absolute nuisance. Squirrels chew on drywall, insulation, wires, plumbing pipes, wood panels, plants, and more. Further, the critters carry mites, ticks, fleas, and although rare, rabies. Meaning when they invade your property, they come with additional problems.

At Animoval, we specialize in humane squirrel removal in West Los Angeles. We carefully and safely relocate squirrels from your home. Additionally, we clean and repair what’s left behind by the animals to make sure they don’t return.

DIY Squirrel Removal

Below are some DIY squirrel removal methods:

Seal the Access Points

First, you need to find out where the squirrels are getting in. This will enable you to seal up all the entry points. But you wouldn’t want to close them up while the intruders are still inside.

Therefore, monitor their behavior keenly before taking action. Knowing when squirrels leave to look for food tells you the ideal time to barricade their entryways. From there, you can seal off all access points, leaving the one they use the most. Sealing options include form or caulk sealants, aluminum flashing, and sheet metal. Squirrels can't chew through any of these materials. Once you're certain, all the pesky critters have left, close up the remaining hole.

Use Squirrel Traps

Do you have squirrels in your crawl spaces, attic, or basement? One way of removing them is by using traps such as:

  • Live Cage Traps – Basically, these are metal cages. You attract squirrels into live cage traps by putting food inside. Once the animal comes in, it trips into a plate or pan that closes the door, trapping the squirrel. When it comes to these cages, if you get one that’s too large, the trapped animal will run around as it tries to escape, hurting itself in the process. On the other hand, if you have one that’s too small, the squirrel won’t fit in.
  • Body Grip Traps – These resemble giant rat traps. Although they can catch squirrels, they're difficult to use, not to mention dangerous. Body grip traps work by snapping down on the critter and killing it by crushing or choking. Humane pest control companies advise against such kinds of traps that only torture animals.

Why Consider Calling Pest Control Services?

Sometimes, even the best DIY methods don't work. If you've had no luck catching squirrels, there's no shame in calling our SoCal wildlife removal experts. It's the most sure-fire way of getting rid of all the squirrels on your property, and we'll make sure the job's done right the very first time. Our dedicated experts are specially trained to address squirrel invasions in addition to having

experience handling the critters. Besides, as one of the top-rated critter control companies in Los Angeles, CA, we use humane methods that will swiftly and safely extract all the squirrels in your home.

Squirrel Control Professionals

At Animoval, we provide a thorough and unique approach to squirrel removal in West Los Angeles. Our animal control services in Los Angeles are humane and guarantee to rid your home of all the hiding squirrels. Once we're sure we've taken care of your squirrel problem, we'll seal off the entryways. This is extremely important as the critters are territorial and will try to re-gain access to your property. Contact us online or by phone for the best humane animal removal services in Southern California:

Squirrel removal west Los Angeles
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Squirrel removal west Los Angeles
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